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PFA-PDF1Pianoforall is a well written piano learning system designed to take beginning and intermediate piano players to the next level. The system costs $39 and consists of a collection of eBooks, each embedded with many video and audio piano lessons. All together there are 10 books, about 200 video piano lessons and 500 audio piano lessons. I have gone through the whole program carefully and really enjoyed it. Even though I am a fairly experienced piano player, I still learned a lot, especially from a few of the later books.

This particular course emphasizes rhythm and application over theory. If you want to start playing the piano right away without worrying too much about general theory, then this course is probably good for you. If you would prefer to learn piano the traditional way (lots of theory, finger exercises, etc.), then this is may not be the right course for you. The audio and video are very helpful in expediting the learning process.

For my full review, please visit the following page: Is PianoForAll Worth $39?

Final Score: 9/10

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