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Piano Online was founded by Steve Warner in September, 2013. Piano Online offers free video piano lessons, videos of Steve Warner’s piano performances, comprehensive product reviews of piano learning systems, and a piano blog that is updated weekly.



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You And I Belong Together

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About Steve Warner

Piano Online Founder - Steve Warner

Steve Warner was born in Staten Island, NY in 1974. He is a professional piano player and songwriter. Steve began learning the piano in the classical style at the early age of 4 in 1978.

In 1990, Steve became the keyboardist for Wizdom, a rock band that performed both covers and originals. Wizdom won the 1990 Tottenville High School talent competition, receiving the opportunity to use a recording studio for free to record two of their songs: All For One and Spider’s Web.

In 1991, Steve joined Instant Karma, a classic rock cover band. Instant Karma performed in bars and night clubs for about 18 months. Unfortunately, the lead singer decided to move to Chicago at this time.

When the lead singer of Instant Karma moved away, Steve joined another cover band. This band, called Barfly, stayed together for about 15 years. This band still gets together every now and then for a performance.

Over the last 20 years, Steve has played the piano at restaurants, cocktail hours and other private events. On occasion, Steve has also given piano lessons.

Steve has written approximately 150 songs over the years in many different genres. Several of his songs received honorable mentions in songwriting contests. These songs include Silent Sky, LoveDesire, and You and I Belong Together. In 2000, the song Silent Sky was published.

In addition to being a piano player and song writer, Steve is an Associate Professor of Mathematics at Hofstra University, a math tutor, and an author. Steve has written six SAT math prep books. Steve founded Get 800 in 2010, a company dedicated to providing the best SAT math prep available.

Steve has published several articles in scholarly mathematics journals, specifically on Mathematical Logic.

Steve Warner currently resides in Manhattan. In addition to playing the piano and writing songs, he enjoys weightlifting, swimming, and yoga.